Jaegerndorfer Ski Lifts and Gondolas


Jaegerndorfer Miniature Ski lift and Gondola Sets have precision designed engineering from Germany for long lasting enjoyment.

Chair and Gondola Lift Systems (1:87 scale) (HO)

The 1:87 (H0) scale UNI G stations and accessories bring together the advantages developed in the model railroad business and modern manufacturing methods. The outcome is high quality detailed models with a high level of functionality.

The base station contains a powerful geared motor that drives the system. A tension device for the rope is located at the mountain station.  Both the top and bottom stations have lights which run together when the set is in the analog mode.

The set requires a 12V adaptor to run off the power supply. The adaptor is not included in the pack.

The set is compatible with all of the other HO scale Jaegerndorfer products and accessories including chairs, gondolas and adjustable towers.

These sets allow your imagination to become reality as you design your own Christmas Village Ski Hill or Carnival Gondola Ride adding a new level of detail to your Village.


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