Farm Life

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Black Smith, Battery Operated
The Black Smith's fire forges new shoes for the hamlet horses. L20 x w17 x h20cm. Requires 3 AA batt..
Butcher Home, Battery Operated
Butcher Walter always had scraps for the neighborhood dogs. Animated. L17 x w14 x h15cm. Requires 3 ..
By the Fire with Grandpa Battery Operated- Not Included - h10.5cm
Seth and Grandad warme themselves by the fire Lighted table accent, requires 2 - 1.5V batteries ..
Cheese Farm, Battery Operated
Blocks of cheese spin and age in the attic. L18.5 x w13.5 x h16cm. Requires 3 AA batteries, Not incl..
Chicken Farm Kukeleku, Battery Operated
A chicken is rotating over the open flame. L19.5 x w14.5 x h15.5cm. Requires 3 AA batteries, Not inc..
Collecting Firewood, Battery Operated- Not Included - h10.5cm
Etienne rests and warms himself after collecting firewood for the shed. Lighted table accent, req..
Cow and Bull, 2 pieces
The farmers treated their bovines Isa and Raphael like family. L15.5 x w9 x h6cm   ..
Donkey Farm, Battery Operated
The donkey works long days for its farmer. L17.5 x w13.5 x h16cm. Requires 3 AA batteries, Not inclu..
Dutch Mill, Battery Operated, 4.5V Adapter 74706 Ready, Animated - h22.5cm
1031288 Dutch Mill Wind blades trun around LED lighting battery operated With adapter co..
Farm Scenery, Set of 4 pieces
Sam was daydreaming about the Christmas dance. Set of 4 LUV-609100 L8 x w6 x h5.5cm &nbs..
Farm Shed, Battery Operated
Loraine was finishing her chores, sweeping out the shed. L18 x w13.5 x h14cm. Requires 3 AA batterie..
Farm Ville Repairs, Battery Operated
Grandpa checks on Rachel before heading to repair the chicken coop. L13.5 x w12 x h14cm. Requires 2 ..
Farm Ville, Battery Operated
Farm Ville, where the animals are like family. L11.5 x w9.5 x h9.5cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, Not i..
Forest Campfire, Battery Operated, 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready
Forest Campfire LUV-1048491 Clement found his little friend to very hungry Requires 2 1.5V ..
Goat Cheese Farm, Battery Operated
Zach treated the goats like family. L15 x w11 x h12.5cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, Not included. A/C ..