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YULETIDE CAROUSEL, B/O (4.5V), was $61.79
PRODUCT DETAILS SKU#: 94525 Yuletide Carousel revolves. Approx. size (H x W x..
$53.00 CAD
SaleBumper Cars, Animated, B.O., Adapter Ready
The bumper cars are a very popular ride for children and parents alike, at the Fairgrounds. Requi..
$94.50 CAD $75.60 CAD
SaleCarousel with Christmas Tree, Music, Adapter Included, h35cm
This is a great carousel for Christmas.  The top of the ride is a decorated Christmas Tree, com..
$121.53 CAD $97.22 CAD
SaleChildren Petting Farm, Adapter Ready
Ben and Sarah play with the baby farm animals while their parents walk the market. Requires 2 AA ..
$28.98 CAD $23.18 CAD
SaleChristmas Grand Carousel, Animated
A wonderful light display adds value to this carousel in your village.  Filled with added detai..
$129.49 CAD $103.59 CAD
SaleChristmas Grand Ferris Wheel, Animated, Adapter Included
From the top of the Christmas Grand Ferris Wheel, you can see the complete Christmas Village.  ..
$127.89 CAD $102.31 CAD
SaleCircus Ticket Booth, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h12.5cm
Young Jack raced ahead of his parents to be first in line to get tickets to the Circus.  Bat..
$23.34 CAD $18.67 CAD
SaleClown on Stilts, h11.5cm
A Friendly Clown with free balloons welcomes guests to the Circus/Fairgrounds/Carnival 11.5cm Tal..
$8.57 CAD $6.86 CAD
SaleDuck Hunting at the Fairgrounds, Animated, Adapter Ready, was $37.75
Dean uses the cork air gun to hunt the ducks as they spin around the board. He really wants to ..
$27.75 CAD $22.20 CAD
SaleFairground Ball Game, Adapter Ready
Johan wants small Lise to win a prize, so he lets he keep throwing balls for free! Battery Operat..
$31.99 CAD $25.59 CAD
SaleFairground Childrens Ferris Wheel, Adapter Ready, was $69.99
The children's Ferris wheel is a huge attraction at the Fairgrounds. Parents watch the smiles go rou..
$59.99 CAD $47.99 CAD
SaleFairground Childrens Train Ride, Adapter Included, h15.5cm
The Children line up at the Train Ride, waiting for Engineer 'Santa" to take them to the North Pole...
$78.63 CAD $62.90 CAD
SaleFairground Christmas Ferris Wheel, Animated, Music, Battery Operated, was $69.99
Santa greets the children that are riding the Ferris Wheel. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included..
$59.99 CAD $47.99 CAD
SaleFairground Christmas Merry-Go-Round, Animated, Music, Battery Operated, was $59.99
Parents enjoyed the smiles on their childrens faces when they rode the Merry-Go-Round. Requires 3..
$39.99 CAD $31.99 CAD
SaleFairground Giant's Swing, Animated, Music, Battery Operated, Was $87.10
Parents often rode the Giant Swing with their children. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included. ..
$77.10 CAD $61.68 CAD