The Christmas Village staff will be in Frankfurt at the Christmas World show from January 23rd 2020 until February 3rd 2020. Shipping will be closed from January 23rd 2020 until February 3rd 2020.

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PRODUCT DETAILS SKU#: 92769 Remarks: Height of the tallest piece shown Approx..
$4.29 CAD
Bartender George brings beer to his patrons tables. l7,5xw2,5xh7cm   ..
$6.99 CAD
Beer Brewery, Battery Operated, 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready - h12cm
Beer Brewery LUV-1048499 Hans is checking on the beer. Requires 2 1.4V batteries, &nbs..
$47.45 CAD
Beer Cart
Gerhart led the draft horses from pub to pub making deliveries. l17xw9xh8,5cm   ..
$29.99 CAD
Beer House, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter 74706 Ready
Beer House LUV-1048485 Animated Horst was taste testing a recently crafted lager Require..
$74.95 CAD
Beer Stall and Keg Table, Set of 2, Battery Operated, 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready- h10cm
Beer Stall and Keg Table Set of 2 Requires 2 1.5V batteries 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready l12..
$39.95 CAD
Bistro, Battery Operated
While shopping in the market stop at the Bistro for the best in local food and drink. L12 x w9 x h11..
$33.99 CAD
    Product Details SKU#: 75208   App..
$44.79 CAD
Christmas Bierstube Market, Battery Operated
After a day at the market shopping for presents there is still time to enjoy with friends at the Bie..
$25.99 CAD
Product Details SKU#: 85329   Approx. size (H x W x D)  8.66 x 5...
$45.49 CAD
    Product Details SKU#: 75250   App..
$43.99 CAD
Lifting a Barrel
Lifting a Barrel LUV-1048497 l8 x w6 x h6.5cm Oh Dear, Leon and Paul have spilled the beer ..
$12.95 CAD
Santa's Christmas Beer Stall BAttery  Operated
Lagers and Ales at the Christmas Beer Stall. l21xw13,5xh14cm Battery Operated, Not included ..
$31.19 CAD
Skicafe, Battery Operated
Refreshments and food can be purchased at the Ski Cafe. L15 x w14 x h11cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, ..
$44.99 CAD
Snowshoe Social
Product Details SKU#: 34632   Approx. size (H x W x D)  4.33 x 5.43 x..
$36.99 CAD