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Bartender George brings beer to his patrons tables. l7,5xw2,5xh7cm   ..
$6.99 CAD
Beer Brewery, Battery Operated, 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready - h12cm
Beer Brewery LUV-1048499 Hans is checking on the beer. Requires 2 1.4V batteries, &nbs..
$47.45 CAD
Beer Cart
Gerhart led the draft horses from pub to pub making deliveries. l17xw9xh8,5cm   ..
$29.99 CAD
Beer House, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter 74706 Ready
Beer House LUV-1048485 Animated Horst was taste testing a recently crafted lager Require..
$74.95 CAD
Beer Stall and Keg Table, Set of 2, Battery Operated, 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready- h10cm
Beer Stall and Keg Table Set of 2 Requires 2 1.5V batteries 3V Adapter 1013893 Ready l12..
$39.95 CAD
Bistro, Battery Operated
While shopping in the market stop at the Bistro for the best in local food and drink. L12 x w9 x h11..
$33.99 CAD
Christmas Bierstube Market, Battery Operated
After a day at the market shopping for presents there is still time to enjoy with friends at the Bie..
$25.99 CAD
Product Details SKU#: 85329   Approx. size (H x W x D)  8.66 x 5...
$45.49 CAD
    Product Details SKU#: 75250   App..
$43.99 CAD
Lifting a Barrel
Lifting a Barrel LUV-1048497 l8 x w6 x h6.5cm Oh Dear, Leon and Paul have spilled the beer ..
$12.95 CAD
MURPHY'S IRISH PUB, Compare at $135
Irish pride has been a strong-hold of our Village products for well over a decade. Light spilled fro..
$111.63 CAD
Santa's Christmas Beer Stall BAttery  Operated
Lagers and Ales at the Christmas Beer Stall. l21xw13,5xh14cm Battery Operated, Not included ..
$31.19 CAD
Skicafe, Battery Operated
Refreshments and food can be purchased at the Ski Cafe. L15 x w14 x h11cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, ..
$44.99 CAD
Snowshoe Social
Product Details SKU#: 34632   Approx. size (H x W x D)  4.33 x 5.43 x..
$36.99 CAD
The Speckled Hen Pub, Set of 4, Compare at $100
The silhouetted sign shaped like a chicken leaves no doubt that this is the Speckled Hen Pub, a ga..
$80.72 CAD