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Alpenhorn Contest, h11cm
Alpenhorns were originally used as communication devices in the Alps, dating back to Medieval times...
$19.31 CAD
Alpine Skier Lighted Trees, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h13.5cm
Karl is almost finished his race. The Winter Games have been a great success. Lighted trees 1..
$27.63 CAD
Andre is Skiing
Andre is looking for fresh powder. L4.5 x w4.5 x h6.5cm   ..
$9.99 CAD
Thick coated paper backdrop, hangable, lightweight, 78 x 58cm Whistler Mountain  ..
$18.00 CAD
SaleBig White Ski Hill, Animated, Music, Adapter Included
Watch the skiers make their way to the bottom of the Big White. Can be operated with music on or of..
$89.99 CAD $71.99 CAD
Childrens Ski Class
Three junior skiers take their first tandem trip down the begginer hill. l14,5xw4xh5,5cm   ..
$13.25 CAD
Chilling Skier, h6.5cm
Cooling off after several fast runs, Todd sits in the snow to catch his breath 6.5cm tall ..
$7.13 CAD
This medium base offers varied levels for 3 houses, table accents and figurines Use ..
$36.99 CAD
Compact Skilift Play Set (Motorized Station, Return Station, 4 Seater Chair), G Scale
Features: • 1x motorized base station • 1x return station (screw down) • 1x 4-seater chair ..
$209.50 CAD
Entry Ski Alm, Adapter Ready
Calvin and Hannah are looking forward to a day on the slopes. L13.5 x w11 x h10.5cm. Requires 2 AA..
$22.99 CAD
First Kiss, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter LUV-1095288 Ready - h17cm
First Kiss LUV-1048487 Animated Rolf thought it would just be gravity until he saw Francis was al..
$44.45 CAD
Four Seater Chair Lift, Red/Black, With Bubble, G Scale
 Four seaters Chair Lift:  • New clamp system for rope attachment Adjustable back..
$37.48 CAD
G and O Large Scale Jaegerndorfer Adpater
North Amercian Standard Jaegerndorfer Power adapter for G and O scale sets. ..
$29.98 CAD
Gold Set G Scale,  Chair Lift, Includes 2 Chair lifts and Power Adapter
Features: • 1 Uni-G station & 1 x quick mounting clamp • Includes 2x Chairs  • 1x ..
$379.99 CAD
Gold Set, G Scale, Gondola Lift, Includes 2 Gondolas and Power Adapter
Features: • 1x Uni-G station & 1 x quick mounting clamp •  2 Gondolas • 1x 24’ non..
$379.99 CAD