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Sale 5mm Pure White, 20 Mini LED Lights, with Timer, B.O.
Item #: X99765 Description:  Battery Operated 20 5MM LED I/D LIGHT SET W/TIMER..
$4.99 CAD $2.99 CAD
Large artificial snow flakes White 90 g 100% Polyester Flame Retardant ..
$2.00 CAD $1.20 CAD
Sale Dansonville Cafe
The coffee and tea is always fresh at the Dansonville Cafe. Lighted interior scene LED Li..
$29.98 CAD $17.99 CAD
Sale Dansonville Candy Shop
Dansonville Candy Shop is decorated for Christmas with bright candies at the shop entrance, garlands..
$29.98 CAD $17.99 CAD
Sale Dansonville General Store
It is busy-busy at the Dansonville Toy Shop. Parents and children scurry about!  LED Lighted..
$29.98 CAD $17.99 CAD
Sale Dansonville Post Office
The Dansonville Post Office is a gathering spot for all the locals.  Here they share stories of..
$29.98 CAD $17.99 CAD
Sale Figurines, Set of 7, Victorian Era
Set of 7 Polyresin figurines Victorian era Matches the size of Lemax, LuVille, Dept 56 figurin..
$11.80 CAD $7.08 CAD
Sale Microdot Christmas Tree Light String, 20 Green LED Lights,B.O.
Item #: X77836C Christmas Tree Reflector Light Description: 20Light MICRODOT SET ..
$6.99 CAD $4.19 CAD
Sale Microdot Mini LED Light String, 30 Multi Color, 10' Long, Battery Operated
Item #: X99686 Description:  Battery Operated 10 feet long 30Light MICRO..
$5.99 CAD $3.59 CAD
Sale Microdot Mini LED Light, 20 Multi Color, 7.38 ftLong, Battery Operated, was $3.99
Item #: X89737 Description:  7.38 feet long  LED 20 Light MICRO-DOT STRING&n..
$3.40 CAD $2.04 CAD
Sale Microdot Mini LED Light, 20 Pure White, 7.38' Long, B.O
Item #: X89738 Description:  7.38 feet long LED 20 Light MICRO-DOT STRING ..
$3.40 CAD $2.04 CAD
Sale Microdot Mini LED Light, 30 Multi Color Lights, 10' Long, Battery Operated
Item #: X99195 Description:  10 feet long LED 30L MICRO-DOT STRING LIGHTS ..
$4.99 CAD $2.99 CAD
Sale Microdot Mini LED Lights, 20 Warm White, 7.38' Long,Battery Operated
Item #: X98738 Description:  7.38' LED 20L MICRO-DOT STRING LIGHTS Colour..
$3.40 CAD $2.04 CAD
Sale Microdot Snowman Light String, 20 White LED Lights, B.O.
DANX77836A Snowman Reflector Light Description: 20Light MICRODOT SET WITH REFLECTORS ..
$6.99 CAD $4.19 CAD
Sale Red Beetle with Lighted Headlights, h6.4cm
Polyresin VW Beetle with a tree on top. Lighted Headlights, battery operated, not included 11...
$10.80 CAD $6.48 CAD