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Ann and Hein Building
Ann and Hien Building LUV-603067 Ann and Hien are building their first Christmas tree display ..
$13.95 CAD
Deer Farm, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter 1095288 Ready
Santa brings sweet apple treats for the reindeer. L20 x w15 x h15cm. Requires 3 AA batteries, ..
$49.79 CAD
Jolly Snowman Tree Shop Market
Jolly Snowman Tree Shop Market LUV-1045444A LED exterior lighting Requires 2 1.5V batteries..
$31.45 CAD
Letters to Santa
Elias brought his letter for Santa to the over stuffed mailed box. l9xw7,5xh7cm   ..
$11.39 CAD
Playing with Santa 5 pieces
Santa watches Jesse and Ryan start a snowball fight,... Wonder who is on his naughty list!  ..
$9.99 CAD
Presents from Santa
Augustus and Rayne are overjoyed at Santa's arrival beside their Christmas Tree. Santa hasn't forgot..
$16.99 CAD
Reindeer with Bandage
Vet Deidi lunges the reindeer to check the bandages. 8,5xw6,5xh8cm   ..
$11.89 CAD
Reindeer, Set of 2
Reindeer, anticipating the big DAY! - l7xb3xh5cm   ..
$9.74 CAD
Santa in the Hot Tub - l9xw6,5xh6,5cm
It is December 26th. A resting Santa is done his laundry and now he soaks in the hot tub. L9 x w6.5 ..
$13.23 CAD
Santa in the Shower, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h11cm
A gust of wind from the north has blown open the shower door on Santa. 11cm tall, lighted Requires..
$22.31 CAD
Santa is Decorating
With the help of a friend, Santa decorates the reindeer barn Christmas Tree. Measures approx. L8 x w..
$10.89 CAD
Santa Scenery, 2 Assorted Sets of 6
Two sets of 6 figurines and trees, 12 pieces total   ..
$24.99 CAD
Santa Skiing
Santa skis with a load of presents for the nearby village. l6,5xw4,5xh7cm   ..
$8.49 CAD
Santa Sleigh, Battery Operated, h15cm
Santa's Reindeer are lighted up for the long trip around the World to visit all the little boys and ..
$35.67 CAD
Santa with Deer
A nudge from the stag encourages Santa to deliver the presents to the other animals in the forest. S..
$10.49 CAD