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SaleBlackSmith, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter Ready
The BlackSmith's fire forges new shoes for the hamlet horses. The fire glows hot and hotter as the h..
$72.99 CAD $58.39 CAD
SaleChicken Family
Early morning at the farm. l4xw3xh3cm   ..
$4.79 CAD $3.83 CAD
SaleChildren Petting Farm, Adapter Ready
Ben and Sarah play with the baby farm animals while their parents walk the market. Requires 2 AA ..
$28.98 CAD $23.18 CAD
SaleCow and Bull, 2 pieces
The farmers treated their bovines Isa and Raphael like family. L15.5 x w9 x h6cm   ..
$15.99 CAD $12.79 CAD
SaleDogs, Set of 2, h3cm
The two dogs are searching for treats hidden in the snow, some of their Christmas presents. ..
$5.26 CAD $4.21 CAD
SaleDonkey Farm, Battery Operated
The donkey works long days for its farmer. L17.5 x w13.5 x h16cm. Requires 3 AA batteries, Not in..
$46.99 CAD $37.59 CAD
SaleFarm Mill, Adapter Included, h23cm
The farmers windmill was gently spinning on Christmas Eve.  The farm animals calmly went about ..
$66.71 CAD $53.37 CAD
SaleFarm Scenery, Set of 4 pieces
Sam was daydreaming about the Christmas dance. Set of 4 LUV-609100 L8 x w6 x h5.5cm &nbs..
$22.99 CAD $18.39 CAD
SaleFarm Shed, Animated, Battery Operated Adapter Ready
Loraine was finishing her chores, sweeping out the shed. L18 x w13.5 x h14cm. Requires 3 AA ba..
$54.99 CAD $43.99 CAD
SaleFarm Ville Repairs, Adapter Ready
Grandpa checks on Rachel before heading to repair the chicken coop. L13.5 x w12 x h14cm. Requires 2 ..
$37.99 CAD $30.39 CAD
SaleFarm Ville, Adapter Ready
Farm Ville, where the animals are like family. L11.5 x w9.5 x h9.5cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, No..
$29.99 CAD $23.99 CAD
SaleFarmer Cart, h7.5cm
Elsie is waiting for farmer Dan to bring the tack to hook the cart, up but it is Christmas and ..
$15.49 CAD $12.39 CAD
SKU#: 12512   Approx. size (H x W x D)  0.00 x 0.00 x 2.24 inches  ..
$6.19 CAD
SaleLittle Farm Scenery - l10,5xw7xh6,5cm
A few days before Christmas and the farmers are busy. L10.5 x w7 x h6.5cm   ..
$16.99 CAD $13.59 CAD
SaleLittle Wool Factory, BO, Adapter 1095288 Ready, h16cm
With the help of Daisy, Hans returns the lost lamb to the barn Animated 16cm Tall Requires ..
$50.30 CAD $40.24 CAD