Reward Points

What are Reward Points?

Rewards Points represent a Customer Loyalty Program based on products purchased on-line from our Christmas Village Shop. In order to apply, each customer must become a member.  Points will not be applied to a 'Guest' purchase.

How are Reward Points Determined?

Points are accumulated when products are purchased.  Point accumulation rates may differ depending on product categories.  For example, Christmas Trains may result in a higher point value than figurines.  Shipping and sales taxes do not count towards the accumulation of Reward Points.

Will My Points Expire?

Yes. Rewards Points will expire if your CVS account has had no purchases within 24 months.  Your account will still exist, but your Reward Points are terminated after 24 months of inactivity. 

Anything Else I Should Know?

Reward Points can only be redeemed on CVS orders, there is no cash value to the Reward Points.  The Rewards Points may be revised, or, discontinued without prior notice as deemed appropriate by The Christmas Village Shop.


How to view your Reward Points

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Under “My Orders” click on “Your Reward Points”

How to Redeem/Apply your Reward Points

Apply your Reward Points just prior to Checking Out

  1. Click on your Shopping Cart
  2. Click in the circle for “Use Reward Points”
  3. Your Reward Points have now been applied and deducted from the product total on your order
  4. Continue processing through the CheckOut