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Fun with Snow and Ice

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Ski Break by the Fire, Battery Operated- Not Included - h10.5cm
Elisabeth warms herself beside the ski route map and glowing fire Lighted table accent, requires ..
$8.95 CAD
Ski Class, Set of 3 pieces
Learning to make it to the bottom of the hill standing up. L5 x w3 x h5cm   ..
$12.99 CAD
Ski Fall
Deep snow fall! L5 x w3.5 x h4cm   ..
$3.69 CAD
Ski Hotel, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter Ready
The ski hotel has no vacancy once the hills are snow covered. L18 x w13 x h14cm. Requires 3 AA batte..
$56.89 CAD
Ski Jumper
Jens is showing a lot of Air! l8xw4,5xh14cm   ..
$6.99 CAD
Ski Jumper, 2 pieces
"Watch Out!" Yelled Patrick before he hit the snowy slope, L6 x w5 x h10cm.   ..
$11.99 CAD
Ski Rack
It's mid day at the ski hill and more skis are in the racks than on the hills, lunch beckons. l9xw4,..
$10.39 CAD
Ski Rental  Battery Operated Adapter Ready
Mary didn`t need help from her mom to put on the rental skis. L12.5 x w10.5 x h11cm. Requires 2 A..
$29.99 CAD
Ski Rescue
The Ski Rescue team has rescued Mila. L11 x w4.5 x h5.5cm   ..
$13.99 CAD
Ski Route, Battery Operated
Lighted map of the ski routes. L10 x w7.5 x h10cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, Not included. A/C adapta..
$21.99 CAD
Ski School
Hans is teaching the novice class how to ski. L10.5 x w4.5 x h6cm   ..
$12.99 CAD
Skicafe, Battery Operated
Refreshments and food can be purchased at the Ski Cafe. L15 x w14 x h11cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, ..
$44.99 CAD
Skiing with Dad
Lucas is learning to ski using his dad's legs for added balance. l5xw6,5xh8,5cm   ..
$11.25 CAD
Snowman Sledge
Ruth and Davey have loaded their Snowman on to the sledge to trasnsport him to Grandma's. l8,5xw4xh5..
$14.69 CAD
Stempelpost - Battery Operated
The boys had their passes stamped at the kiosk before heading to the ice to lace up their skates. L1..
$39.99 CAD