City Life

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Christmas Carolers, Animated, Battery Operated - Batteries Not Included, - h14cm
Christmas Carolers LVU-1045456B The singers move back and forth LED lighting Requires 3 ..
$32.95 CAD
Christmas Celebrating, Too Much Beer
Christophe was celebrating the Holiday Season a "wee tad" too much  5.5cm Tall ..
$7.13 CAD
Christmas Church, Animated, B.O. Adapter Ready
Father Ponti rides his bike past the Church. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included, Adapter 74706..
$71.75 CAD
Cider Cafe, BO, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h13cm
Per enjoys a refreshing apple cider while he and Martin chat and watch the Christmas revellers at th..
$32.89 CAD
Cider Factory, BO, Adapter 1095288 Ready, h23cm
Paulo watches the apples and pears head into the pressing machines to be made into Cider. Animate..
$85.77 CAD
City Hall, BO, Animated, Adapter 1095287 Ready, H17cm
The Mayor stands outside City Hall, beside the lighted Christmas Tree used for photos 17cm T..
$45.28 CAD
Coffee Factory, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter Ready
Animated. Fresh coffee bags and boxes go down the conveyor belt for the shipping department. L27...
$134.99 CAD
Coffee Factory, BO, Adapter 1095288 Ready, h21cm
Before purchasing your coffee you can sample the Coffee Factory blends by the kiosk near the front d..
$85.77 CAD
Couple by Fireplace, Battery Operated- Not Included - h10.5cm
The young couple hold hands over the warming fireplace. Lighted table accent, requires 2 - 1.5V b..
$8.95 CAD
Creperie, Animated, B.O. Adapter Ready
Julian brings a plate of fresh cooked Crepes for Lynn and her family. Requires 3 AAA batteries, not ..
$68.89 CAD
Decorating the House, BO, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h17cm
Rolf is almost finished putting up the Christmas decorations, just a few more lights for the ro..
$44.09 CAD
Dennis is Painting
If Dennis can finish and sell a few more paintings of the Effiel Tower before Christmas he will retu..
$10.99 CAD
Drop Shop (Candy and Licorice Shop), BO, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h13cm
A Drop Shop sells Dutch Licorice and other candies. 13cm Tall Requires 2 AA batteries, not inc..
$36.20 CAD
Dutch Pastry Shop, BO, Adapter 1095287 Ready, h15.5cm
Which is your favourite Dutch Pastry? 9  Gemberbolus is a traditional Dutch pastry stud..
$37.17 CAD
Eating Lobster
Is Marcello's lobster a little under cooked? L7 x w5 x h7cm   ..
$14.99 CAD