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HO Reversing 18" Radius Curve EZ Track Section, Nickel Silver, 4/Card

$39.95 CAD
Availability: In Stock
Brand: Bachmann
Product Code: 44549


18" Radius Curved Electronic Auto-ReversingTrack

You can expand your auto-reversing train set or track system with Electronic Auto-Reversing Nickel Silver E-Z Track®. Available in these 18-inch radius curved sections and also 9-inch straight sections (Item No. 44548), this electronically equipped track is specifically designed for the open-end track configuration of our auto-reversing track system, allowing you to go virtually anywhere in your layout. 4 pcs.per pack.

Expand your On30 Holiday Street Car Set with the Auto Reversing Track

Model 44549

HO and On30

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