Harry Potter

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Hagrid, half human, half giant, is the Keeper of the Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts. His kind-hearte..
$42.78 CAD
Chasing The Snitch, Compare at $110
Harry Potter proves himself in a game of Quidditch. Animated effect features Harry, riding his bro..
$88.79 CAD
Draco Waits at Platform 93/4, Compare at $45
Dressed in his Slytherin finest. Draco waits to Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter's arch rival and least ..
$36.32 CAD
Fred and George Weasley, Compare at $50
Fancy a game of Quidditch? As beaters for the Gryffindor team, twins and notorious mischief makers..
$40.36 CAD
HARRY & THE HEADMASTER, Compare at $47
Dressed in his Gryffindor robe, Harry demonstrates the power of his wand for Professor Dumbledore,..
$37.94 CAD
Hogwart's Astronomy Tower, Compare at $270
The highest peak at Hogwarts is the astronomy tower, where young witches and wizards learn about t..
$217.94 CAD
Horwart's Express, Compare at $180
Every witch and wizard's year at Hogwarts begins with a magical journey aboard the Hogwarts Expres..
$153.37 CAD
Snape and McGonagall, Compare at $45
The two most respected (and feared) professors at Hogwarts are Severus Snape, the sardonic Potions..
$36.32 CAD
The Burrow, Compare at $175
Harry Potter's favorite place to spend his holidays away from Hogwarts is with the l Weasley famil..
$141.26 CAD
Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, Compare at $175
Older brothers to Ron, the Weasley twins, Fred and George created their joke shop business with pr..
$141.26 CAD
Whomping Willow Tree, Compare at $170
This whimsical animated accessory portrays a well-loved scene. Not able to access the Hogwarts Exp..
$137.22 CAD
A fine test of powers, “Wingardium Leviosa” is a magical charm, one of the first learned by a youn..
$36.32 CAD