Santas Christmas Journey Tree, MSRP $225

Availability: In Stock
Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 0109199001

Leave it to Thomas Kinkade to create the most impressive, unique and enchanting collectibles. But none have ever been as extraordinary as the all-new Thomas Kinkade “Santa’s Christmas Journey” Masterpiece Tree, an unprecedented market premiere from The Bradford Exchange! This intricately sculpted tree, featuring 16 Thomas Kinkade-inspired houses, with festive lights, motion and music is nothing short of a true work of art!

With the simple flip of a switch, a medley of 8 classic Christmas songs begins to play. As the first song plays, the first set of doors swing open and a Santa scene moves forward for all to see. As the second song plays, the next set of doors open and the second scene moves forward. During the third song, the final set of doors open to reveal the last scene. Once all the scenes are revealed, the fourth song plays and each Santa pulls back in and the doors close at the same time. At the top of the tree, Santa moves up and down in the chimney during the musical medley. For the perfect finishing touch, 22 multi-coloured lights on the tree, an illuminated star topper, and LED lights in several of the houses cast a heartwarming glow.

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