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Winter Festival Tree, MSRP $225, Christmas Carnival

$129.95 CAD
Availability: In Stock
Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 0108518001

Step right up to Thomas Kinkade’s nostalgic vision of a winter festival, complete with a fascinating “midway” of classic amusements in a miniature form. Entering the “Winter Festival” arch at the base, you’ll spot an intricate carousel to your left, “Santa’s Workshop” on your right and a whimsical “Snowball Toss” above. Happy festival-goers and showmen are found all around this illuminated, snow-sparkled wonderland. In a unique Bradford Editions first, colourful chasing lights recreate the look of a moving roller coaster with sleighs that appear to enter and exit “tunnels” inside!

At the top, an impressive Ferris Wheel rotates just like the real thing, spinning eight different cars around and around. Below, a one-of-a-kind, remarkably detailed “sky swing” spins twelve cars around on this classic thrill ride! All at a flip of the switch as 20 golden LEDs light the scene to a medley of eight beloved holiday tunes. A glowing crystalline star topper, mahogany-finished base, name plaque and more add enchanting finishing touches to this first-ever Thomas Kinkade “Winter Festival” Wonderland.

Measures about 13 inches high (33 cm).

FREE AC adapter included.

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