Sale Kinkade A HOLIDAY GATHERING, 50 x 30cm, Over 80 Lights, Compare at $129.99

Kinkade A HOLIDAY GATHERING, 50 x 30cm, Over 80 Lights, Compare at $129.99

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Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 0116799001

Never before has Thomas Kinkade’s visionary artistry been illuminated like it is on the all-new “A Holiday Gathering” Canvas Print. Featuring 8 concealed LED lights and 75 strategically placed fiber optic lights that gently change color, this remarkable limited edition literally glistens with the excited energy and unmistakable joy of the perfect Christmas setting.

Measuring an impressive 20 inches wide in its cherry-toned wood frame, the Thomas Kinkade “A Holiday Gathering” Illuminated Canvas Print faithfully recreates the beloved original composition on genuine, stretched artist’s canvas. At the simple flip of a switch, the radiance within the artwork for which Thomas Kinkade is so beloved becomes even more apparent, enlivened by carefully placed golden lights enhancing the lampposts, trees, windows and more. Plus, the lights on the festively decorated pine trees even change color to add even more realism and warmth to the scene! Longlasting LED lights illuminate the two Victorian homes from within, adding to the sense of welcome and celebration. And hand-applied glitter on the snowy rooftops and street provide extra sparkle to the snow. This exclusive edition truly represents Thomas Kinkade’s art as it was meant to be enjoyed, radiant with the loving light of the season.

20 inches wide x 12 inches tall (50 x 30 cm)
Hanging device included for easy, secure display.
Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included.

©1998 Thomas Kinkade
©2012 The Bradford Exchange All rights reserved

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