The Light of Christmas, Kinkade, MSRP $149.99 Now $74.99

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Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 1401502001

This first-of-its-kind edition showcases a charming seascape scene inspired by the lighthouse artwork of Thomas Kinkade, as a faithful lighthouse keeper and his equally faithful companion finish their decorating for the holidays. The garlands are hung and the lights are strung along the lighthouse eaves, and ornaments hang from the branches of the snowladen pines. A handmade nativity fills the front lawn, as the lighthouse keeper (who has a strangely familiar look!) finishes whittling one last piece. Each detail seems to say the true meaning of Christmas comes from the light that comes from within.

Individually hand-crafted, hand-painted artistry captures the charm in each piece, from the carved “wooden” figures of the nativity, the festive decorations...right down to the eager expression on the dog’s face. The lights in and on the lighthouse illuminate with long lasting LED lamps, and, at the touch of a switch, you’ll hear the sound of EIGHT holiday favorites dancing through the air. These quality details make it a lighthouse collector’s treasure!

Measures approximately 8" long, 5.25" wide x 9" high. Batteries not included.

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