Rexall DTN Billboard, B/O

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Brand: Miller Billboards
Product Code: 7581

#7581 Rexall Billboard

Rexall chain of stores started in 1902, licensing the Rexall brand name to as many as 12,000 drug stores across the United States from 1920 to 1977. Since 1985, it has been the name of drugstores in Canada operated by the Katz Group of Companies, and of health supplements in the United States. The Canadian Rexall brand is not related to the US operations.  In the early 1900’s many of the drug stores had soda fountain counters.
Size: 3.875" Tall x 4.25" Wide

The lights flash and fade on off and on like real Neon Billboards.

Complete with DTN base, no assembly required.

A/C adaptable, by using Lemax Power Adaptor 74706.

Battery operated, animated neon billboard
signs have these great benefits;
ready-to-run, paper-thin, produce no heat, and have
realism second-to-none. All signs require
3 AA batteries. Signs draw 95 ma.

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