LuVille, The Leading European Christmas Village Brand, is now available exclusively at Christmas Village Shop.

Quality hand made and painted products with fine attention to detail. These European influenced designs will bring warmth to your Christmas Village!

Luville houses, figurines and accessories are the same size as Lemax, Department 56 and Bradfords’ Hawthorne Village products.  LuVille will fit seamlessly into your village as a compliment to your current scenes or as a separate Village scene.

We have categorized the LuVille products into village scenes to aide your web browsing.

The scenes are;

               .         At the Farigrounds

·         At the Market

·         At the Water

·         City Life

·         Farm Life

·         Village Life

·         Fun with Snow and Ice

·         Landscape and Lights

·         Santa

·         Trees


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Petit Art Gallery, Battery Operated
Fabian paints portraits, and Parisian scenes near the base of the Eiffel Tower. L12 x w10.5 x h11.5c..
Pine Tree Shop Market, Battery Operated - Batteries Not Included, - h15cm
Pine Tree Tree Shop Market LUV-1045444B LED exterior lighting Requires 2 1.5V batteries ..
Piste Break
Tess and Zoe take a break from skiing for refreshment. L7.5 x w10 x h10cm   ..
Playing with Santa 5 pieces
Santa watches Jesse and Ryan start a snowball fight,... Wonder who is on his naughty list!  ..
Polar Bear, Set of 2
Polar Bear Set of 2 l10 x w4.5 x h5.5cm ..
Poulier Market, Battery Operated
Fresh uncooked and cooked chicken is available at the market. L13.5 x w8.5 x h11.5cm. Requires 3 AA ..
Presents from Santa
Augustus and Rayne are overjoyed at Santa's arrival beside their Christmas Tree. Santa hasn't forgot..
Pretzel Market, Battery Operated
Louisa's fresh baked pretzels await the market shoppers. L13 x w13 x h12cm. Requires 2 AA batteries,..
Priest chapel battery operated -
L11.5 x w15 x h14.5cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, Not included. A/C adaptable usint adapter 1013893 ..
Pulling the Boat
Anton uses logs as rollers to pull his boat from the sea. L12.5 x w7.5 x h6cm   ..
Red Van with Headlights, Battery Operated - h5.5cm
RedVan with Headlights LUV-1050618R Requires 2 1.5V batteries l11.5 x w5 x h5.5cm ..
Rescued Skier
Our Rescue dog has been very busy. L7 x w7 x h3.5cm   ..
Rob and Tom's Snowfight
Children at play, snowball fight anyone???!!!. L6 x w3.5 x h5cm If you like Rob and Tom's sweater..
Rudolph Skiing
Rudolph is skiing better after lesson. L4 x w4.5 x h5.5cm   ..
Saint Bernard, Ski Rescue Team
Saving lives on the ski hills comes easy for our four legged hero. L4.5 x w3 x h3cm   ..