Fun with Snow and Ice

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Piste Break
Tess and Zoe take a break from skiing for refreshment. L7.5 x w10 x h10cm   ..
$13.99 CAD
Piste Hotel, Animated, B.O. Adapter Ready
Stu and Lise take a break from a morning of skiing, while the gondolas arrive and depart. Requires 3..
$75.98 CAD
Playing Ice Hockey, B.O., Adapter Ready
The Gold Medal final of the Winter Games 2 on 2 Ice Hockey. Requires 3 AA Batteries, adapter 7470..
$94.99 CAD
Polar Bear, Set of 2
Polar Bear Set of 2 l10 x w4.5 x h5.5cm ..
$12.45 CAD
Puppy Teasing Snowman
The Puppy just couldn't get the snowman to play with her. - l10,5xw4,5xh7cm   ..
$9.19 CAD
Rescued Skier
Our Rescue dog has been very busy. L7 x w7 x h3.5cm   ..
$7.94 CAD
Rob and Tom's Snowfight
Children at play, snowball fight anyone???!!!. L6 x w3.5 x h5cm If you like Rob and Tom's sweater..
$7.99 CAD
Rudolph Skiing
Rudolph is skiing better after lesson. L4 x w4.5 x h5.5cm   ..
$7.99 CAD
Saint Bernard's Home, Animated, B.O. Adapter Ready
Vera plays with the young Saint Bernard puppy, one of many puppies that end up patrollling the ski h..
$71.75 CAD
Saint Bernard, Ski Rescue Team
Saving lives on the ski hills comes easy for our four legged hero. L4.5 x w3 x h3cm   ..
$5.29 CAD
Santa with Presents
Santa is loaded with presents, and even a small Christmas tree. l4,5xw3,5xh6,5cm   ..
$6.99 CAD
Santa's Ski Accident
The ski rescue team will fix Santa! l11xw4xh7cm   ..
$14.89 CAD
Skatehouse, Battery Operated
Bert rested peacefully from his last skate on the canal before Christmas. L11.5 x w11.5 x h11.5..
$34.99 CAD
Ski Break by the Fire, Battery Operated- Not Included - h10.5cm
Elisabeth warms herself beside the ski route map and glowing fire Lighted table accent, requires ..
$8.95 CAD
Ski Class, Set of 3 pieces
Learning to make it to the bottom of the hill standing up. L5 x w3 x h5cm   ..
$12.99 CAD