Fun with Snow and Ice

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Hendrik on Ice Skates
Hendrick daydreams of Santa, Presents, and Christmas Dinner while on a liesurely Christmas skat..
$8.99 CAD
Holiday Ski Lodge, B.O., Adapter Ready
Fresh Powder awaits Ulf and his son Jared on the slopes. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Adap..
$34.98 CAD
Ice Bridge, Battery Operated
Gus skates past the lit bridge that spans the canal. L19 x w11.5 x h6.5cm. Requires 2 AA batteries, ..
$32.99 CAD
Ice Hotel, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter 74706 Ready - h17cm
Ice Hotel LUV-1048473 Animated Lily and Antoine preferred warming by the outside fire ..
$74.95 CAD
Ice Sculpture, Animated, Battery Operated, Adapter 74706 Ready - h15cm
Ice Sculpture LUV-1048475 Animated Annelise and Jakob admired the huge Reindeer Ice Sculptu..
$49.95 CAD
Ice Skate Service, Battery Operated
Jefferson was sharpening Adele's skate, while she warmed herself by the fire. L11.5 x w9 x h11cm. Re..
$26.99 CAD
Ice Skating with Friend
Christmas time skate around the pound. L6.5 x w4.5 x h6cm   ..
$10.99 CAD
Iced Glazed Morning, Animated, B.O., Adapter Ready
Milan and Sara watch their spinning ice glazed tree as they warm themselves by the fire. Requires..
$77.89 CAD
Iglo Camping, Battery Operated
Luuk and Saar fry fish over an open fire. L17 x w12.5 x h6cm. Requires 2 AA Batteries, Not included...
$22.99 CAD
Jeu de Boules
Competition is stiff, the temperature chilly, but lawn bowling is in the Winter Games. l11xw5,5xh7cm..
$13.19 CAD
Learn to Skate
Jakob learned to skate the same way his mother and father had learned,...with the help of the kitche..
$7.99 CAD
Lies and Janus on Ice Skates
Worried about staying on Santa's Good List, he took his sister skating. L5 x w3 x h5cm   ..
$10.99 CAD
Lighted Dog House, B.O., Adapter Ready
Jean attaches Christmas Lights to her puppy Sprite's new Doghouse. Requires 2 AA batteries, not incl..
$16.50 CAD
Melty the Snowman
The rabbit is eyeing Melty's carrot nose!!!! l5,5xw4,5xh7cm   ..
$7.19 CAD
Mountain View Look Out Point
Mason and Jasmine hiked together to Look Out Point. l14xw11,5xh12cm   ..
$19.25 CAD