Uni G Station with 4 Black/orange Six Seater Chairs, Requires Adapter JC-52080US for Power

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Brand: Jagerndorfer Ski Lifts and Gondolas
Product Code: JC-82365

Jaegerndorfer Miniature Ski lift and Gondola Sets have precision engineering from Germany for long lasting enjoyment


  • 1 x Valley station with motor
  • 1 x mountain station with tensioning device
  • 4 x six seater ski lift chairs
  • 1 x 8 meter rope
  • 1 x 3 meter connection cable


  • Base plate 25cm x 12cm (L x W)
  • Height 10.5cm

Stations includes:

·         Interior and exterior lighting

·         Full motion 8x roller wheels

·         Silent motor with flywheel

·         Fully assembled

·         Extendable

Requires wall plug JC-52080US to power the set

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