Christmas Trains

Christmas Trains

Christmas Village Shop hints to select the right Christmas Train for your Christmas Village

Train Scales


Don’t be confused with Scales and Gauges.  The chart above shows common model train Scales and Gauges.  HO scale is the most common size in the model train industry. There are more train models and accessories offered by the manufacturers in HO scale.  N then O scales follow in popularity.

Think of the Scale as the “Size” of the train in height and width.  The larger the train the more detail can be built into it.  O and G scale trains often have more features, such as smoke and sound, and they are easier to set on the train tracks and stay on the tracks.

Think of the gauge as the amount of space the track layout will require.  The smaller the axle width the less space required for the train to turn around.  Note that the width between the train wheels (axle width) of HO is half that of O scale.  An HO scale train layout will take almost half the space as an O scale train layout.  This may be an important factor in deciding which train is correct for your village.

Other factors that may affect your decision are hand dexterity and eyesight.  The smaller trains are more difficult to set on the track, are lighter and more apt to be forced off the track with a table jostle by young children.  We do offer a simple tool to help set the train on the tracks.

On30 is often the best solution for your Christmas Village displays!  On30 uses HO gauge track combined with a larger scale/size train.  The combination results in a larger train with more detail than HO trains that also minimizes the amount of space required for your layout.  Hand - eye issues are minimized with the larger size and the tool to assist setting the train on the track also works for On30 scale.

More important- the size of your On30 train is closest to the size of your village houses.  HO scale trains are slightly smaller in size than your houses but close enough to be very practical.  O scale trains are slightly larger in size than your village houses but closest to the size of your figurines.

Christmas Village houses are not made to true scale, but they don’t need to be to scale.  The figurines are larger to help with hand dexterity and eyesight,... and perhaps to be easier to find when the children or grand children misplace a figurine or two while admiring your display.

Christmas Train Tips to consider;

  • Put a little awe on children’s faces when the lighted and smoke billowing train emerges from the tunnel.  Building a tunnel is also practical in your village as you can set a display on top of the tunnel.
    • Two portals,  3 pcs of 20-36 inch long 1x6 for the sides and top of your tunnel, cover with a sheet,...that is all you need
    • Don’t build your tunnel on a curve in the track.  The front of your train engine extends beyond the track when turning and can bump into the side walls of your tunnel.

Please note that G Large scale trains are often too large for your village.  We offer these trains as non village Christmas trains that you can set at the base of your Christmas tree.  One of the G scale train sets has an eight foot oval.

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