Sale Kinkade Bell Tower, New 2019, Compare at $69.95

Kinkade Bell Tower, New 2019, Compare at $69.95

$49.99 CAD $9.00 CAD
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Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 1407997072

Item Number: 1407997072 

The serene vision of renowned "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade transports you to this radiant Village Christmas where welcoming lights are reflected like thousands of glittering start in the blanket of new-fallen snow. Warm rays of light stream from elegant homes and charming shops, inviting you to stay. Let the cheery lights from "From the Heart Gifts" entice you to window shop. You will be captivated by the incredible sculptured detail of each piece in the collection. Bell Tower is theseventy second piece in the collection.

©2006 Thomas Kinkade, The Thomas Kinkade Company, Morgan Hill, CA All Rights Reserved

©2006 Hawthorne Village

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