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Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
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In tribute to Native-American culture and its closeness to Mother Earth and all of her beloved creatures, Hawthorne Village presents the Native-American-themed Sacred Spirits Village.

In this Hawthorne exclusive, each fully sculpted teepee is inspired by a revered animal and its sacred spirit guide, and features artwork by one of three distinguished wildlife artists—Larry Fanning, Ted Blaylock or Greg Alexander. The teepees are meticulously handcrafted in artist’s resin in three delightful dimensions so you can view the artistry from every angle. Colourful hand-painting captures the tiniest detail, from the Dreamcatcher’s weathered-looking “leather” to the authentic-looking “wooden” poles used to “hold up the buffalo hide canvas.” And they softly illuminate from within to enhance the full-colour artwork and bring it to luminous life!

The reverent expressions of the tribe members faces…their incredible costuming…the softness of the “fur” on the animals…everything is handcrafted and hand-painted to look as real as possible adding even more beauty and enchantment to your illuminated Sacred Spirits Village.

The collection begins with the “Spirit of the Wolf” teepee and FREE “Mystic Freedom” figurine.

Spirit of the Wolf measures approx. 7" (17.5 cm.) high.

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