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Dokkum - Tow-boat w light B/O
  Lighted Tow Boat Battery Operated, batteries not included 16.8 x 6 x 4cm   ..
$29.99 CAD
Harlingen - Hotel, B.O
The Hotel Building dates from the first years of the eighteenth century. The building was occup..
$65.49 CAD
Harlingen - Leger des Heils (Salvation Army), B.O.
The Leger des Heils is the name of the Dutch arm of The Salvation Army. ..
$69.98 CAD
Hindeloopen - Oude Teehuis - Teahouse, B.O.
Built in the mid 1800's and located along the canal, this converted residence is now a Tea House ..
$66.97 CAD
Leeuwarden - Centraal Apotheek - Pharmacy, B.O.
Leeuwarden - Central Pharmacy The Central Pharmacy is a monumental building in the center of Leeu..
$79.99 CAD
Leeuwarden - De Waag - Weigh Station, B.O.
The weigh house is generally the center of a market town, where trading takes place. To determine th..
$68.98 CAD
Salvation Army Collection Pot, Set of 3
Polyresin figurines Paired with DV110906 Harlingen - Salvation Army Set of 3 ..
$18.50 CAD
Sneek - Snekerpan Skutsje - Boat, B.O.
The Mast on this Canal Boat is 30cm tall and lighted. Battery Operated 30x10x5   ..
$67.50 CAD
Stavoren - Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren, B.O.
Hotel De Vrouwe from Stavoren On the old port of Stavoren you will find Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavo..
$62.99 CAD
Stavoren - Stadhuis - City Hall, B.O.
The Stavoren Stadius (Town Hall) was built in 1880. The municipality of Stavoren was merge..
$99.98 CAD
Winter Bare Tree 18cm
Winter Bare Tree h18cm ..
$5.69 CAD
Winter Snowy Bare Tree,  h22cm
Winter bare Tree h22cm   ..
$5.79 CAD
Workum - Smederji - Blacksmith, B.O.
The Blacksmiths House can be traced back to 1661.  It has served many purposes for its’ owner o..
$63.98 CAD