The Christmas Village staff will be in Frankfurt at the Christmas World show from January 23rd 2020 until February 3rd 2020. Shipping will be closed from January 23rd 2020 until February 3rd 2020.


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Dokkum - Tow-boat w light B/O
  Lighted Tow Boat Battery Operated, batteries not included 16.8 x 6 x 4cm   ..
$29.99 CAD
Farrier with Horse, Set of 2
Franck is ready to shoe the horse Polyresin figurines ..
$19.49 CAD
Getting Ice Blocks Out of the Water
George and Louie were straining to take the ice block from the pond. Porcelain and polyresin figu..
$14.99 CAD
Harlingen - Hotel, B.O
The Hotel Building dates from the first years of the eighteenth century. The building was occup..
$65.49 CAD
Harlingen - Leger des Heils (Salvation Army), B.O.
The Leger des Heils is the name of the Dutch arm of The Salvation Army. ..
$69.98 CAD
Hindeloopen - Oude Teehuis - Teahouse, B.O.
Built in the mid 1800's and located along the canal, this converted residence is now a Tea House ..
$66.97 CAD
Leeuwarden - Centraal Apotheek - Pharmacy, B.O.
Leeuwarden - Central Pharmacy The Central Pharmacy is a monumental building in the center of Leeu..
$79.99 CAD
Leeuwarden - De Waag - Weigh Station, B.O.
The weigh house is generally the center of a market town, where trading takes place. To determine th..
$68.98 CAD
Pulling Ice Slabs with a Horse and Sled
Jorge leads the mare as she sleds the ice from the pond Porcelain and polyresin figurines 17x5..
$19.49 CAD
Row Boat, Set of 2
  Kurt rowed out to the drifting dory Polyresin figurines 8x4x2cm   ..
$14.69 CAD
Salvation Army Collection Pot, Set of 3
Polyresin figurines Paired with DV110906 Harlingen - Salvation Army Set of 3 ..
$18.50 CAD
Sneek - Snekerpan Skutsje - Boat, B.O.
The Mast on this Canal Boat is 30cm tall and lighted. Battery Operated 30x10x5   ..
$67.50 CAD
Sneek - Waterpoort- Watergate, B.0.
Sneek Waterpoort The Waterpoort  is a water gate, a gate in a defensive wall ..
$87.69 CAD
Stavoren - Hotel Vrouwe van Stavoren, B.O.
Hotel De Vrouwe from Stavoren On the old port of Stavoren you will find Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavo..
$62.99 CAD
Stavoren - Stadhuis - City Hall, B.O.
The Stavoren Stadius (Town Hall) was built in 1880. The municipality of Stavoren was merge..
$99.98 CAD