Coca-Cola Train Station, Polar Bear Village

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Brand: Hawthorne Villages from the Bradford Group
Product Code: 1407863006


Introducing Hawthorne Village’s illuminated COCA‑COLA Polar Bear Village. Rich with hand-crafted details, like vintage COCA‑COLA soda vending machines and distinctive red-and-white trade­marks, the COCA‑COLA Polar Bear Village will make your holidays sweeter year after year with COCA‑COLA.

The individually hand-cast buildings, with enchanting discoveries, the fun-loving bears enjoying a cool yule and ice-cold COCA‑COLA while they ready themselves for the celebration to come—even the unmistakable shape of the COCA‑COLA bottle chimney—work together to entice you to while away wonderful days at the North Pole.

Coca-Cola graphics ©The Coca-Cola Company. COCA-COLA, COKE, the Contour Bottle design, the Red Disc Icon and the COCA-COLA Polar Bear are trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company

Polar Bear Village Houses are approx 17cm (6") in height

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